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I believe in my clients’ ability to make lasting change

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As a Health Coach, I believe in my clients’ ability to make lasting change.

Improved health & wellness is possible for anyone!


Coaching adults over 50 who have a desire to make changes on their overall health, wellness and quality of life.


one on one coaching

Specialty areas include: Exercise, Movement, and Rest, Nutrition, Personal and Professional Development, Relationships and more.


group coaching

Friends, neighbors, co-workers.
Gather a small group and let's work together!


corporate partnerships

Highly customizable, Onsite. Individual Coaching, Small Group Coaching, Wellness Plan and Programming


“I have been much more active, over a period of months, than I would have been without a health coach. Laura has helped me explore exercise options that work with my lifestyle/current pain issues, and has helped me overcome some self-imposed obstacles. I'm learning that self-care is an art that doesn't come naturally to me, so I have to be more intentional about this, or it won't happen. This has made a huge difference for me overall.”

“The regular appointments and accountability are helping me to stay focused on my goals so I can move forward, rather than habitually back-sliding. I also feel more confident in my ability to make progress, knowing that I have a built in support system and added tools for a successful outcome.”


A Health Coach is a partner who believes in you until you fully believe in yourself.

You’ve still got a lot of living to do!