I believe in my clients’ ability to make lasting lifestyle changes

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Change is Possible at Any Age



First Triathlon at age 46

Ironman at age 51

4 Half Ironmans

4 Half Marathons

Multiple Triathlons, 5Ks & 10Ks



As a Board Certified Integrative Health Coach,
I know that improved Health & Wellness is possible.
For Anyone…At Any Age!


Partnering with men and women over 50
who are ready to make simple
lifestyle changes that will improve
their overall quality of life.

TeamUp Health Coaching specializes in coaching adults 50and over who are in “Generation 3rd Quarter” or “GenQ3.”
GenQ3 are adults that are decidedly past “halftime” and are fully planted in the 3rd quarter of their lives.
TeamUp works in partnership with GenQ3 clients who want to feel like they are living their best lives
and are being proactive in reaching their health & wellness goals.


one-on-one coaching

Specialty areas include: Exercise, Rest, Nutrition, Personal and Professional Development, Relationships, and more.


group coaching

Friends, Neighbors, Coworkers:
Gather a small group and let's work together!


corporate partnerships

Highly Customizable, Individual Coaching, Small Group Coaching, Wellness Plans, and Programming


“I have been much more active over a period of months than I would have been without
a health coach. Laura has helped me explore exercise options that work with my lifestyle/current pain issues, and has helped me overcome some self-imposed obstacles.
I'm learning that self-care is an art that doesn't come naturally to me, so I have to be more intentional about this, or it won't happen. This has made a huge difference for me overall.”

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